Chinese herbal formulas are specifically tailored to the individual
Dietary therapy promotes optimum health and assists in prevention of disease
Acupuncture treats the cause of the disease and alleviates the symptoms

What can we do for you?

With our holistic approach each treatment is tailored to the individual patient’s needs in assisting the body to restore its natural physiology to achieve optimum health and wellbeing. 

Northern Rivers Chinese Medicine Clinic offers a dedicated personalised health support system for every age group.

We offer Chinese Herbal Medicine, acupuncture, dietary therapy, moxibustion and cupping to treat a wide range of conditions such as; anxiety, depression and insomnia, musculoskeletal pain, gynaecological conditions, infertility, children’s health, men’s health, pregnancy support, digestive disorders and many more.

Services we offer

  • Acupuncture
  • Chinese Herbal Medicine
  • Dietary therapy
  • Lifestyle advice
  • Cupping
  • Moxibustion
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    Services we offer

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    What we treat

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    About us

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