What to expect in a treatment

An initial consultation involves a complete health history assessing your overall health with questioning, observation and palpation. Questions may include information on digestion, sleep patterns, energy levels, emotions, the nature of pain or discomfort and dietary habits. Observations made by the physician include the complexion, tongue and body type, and palpation of the pulse and abdomen. A Chinese Medicine pattern is revealed which guides the appropriate treatment. 

An initial consultation is 90 minutes and includes the consultation, acupuncture and Chinese Medicine Herbal prescription and preparation.

An initial Chinese Herbal Medicine consultation without acupuncture is also possible. This would take between 60-90 minutes.

A follow up consultation will assess changes in the condition being treated as well as overall physical and emotional changes such as digestion and stress levels. This will guide the practitioner to adjust any of the treatment methods.

A follow up consultation is 60 minutes and includes consultation, acupuncture and Chinese Medicine Herbal prescription and preparation.

A follow up Chinese Herbal Medicine consultation is also available with no acupuncture and takes between 30-45 minutes.

Does Acupuncture hurt?

Acupuncture is a subjective experience and should not be painful. It doesn’t feel anything like an injection or blood test. Acupuncture needles are very fine and only sterile, single-use, disposable needles are used. There may be a slight pricking when the needle passes through the skin; most people do not even feel this. 

There are different sensations experienced during an acupuncture treatment and this will vary from person to person, but are often described as either a dull, heavy, tingling or a warm feeling in the area needled. Often people feel a sense of calm and well-being during the treatment itself and immediately afterwards.

How many treatments will I need?

This will depend on the type of condition you have and whether it is acute or chronic. Each case is obviously different, and will therefore take varying times to respond.

Acute conditions normally respond within a few treatments. For chronic conditions the duration and the severity of the condition will influence the treatment time needed however positive changes should occur within the first four to six treatments.

Often weekly treatments will be recommended initially for a few weeks and depending on the progress the frequency of treatments lessen, perhaps to a monthly basis until the complaint is solved or better managed.

Chinese Medicine is about health maintenance and disease prevention and ideally upon resolving the health issues treatments focus on staying healthy.  

A treatment plan will be discussed with you and in most cases altering dietary and lifestyle habits will assist in treating your condition.  

Will I receive health fund rebates for my treatment?

Health fund rebates are available and are subject to the individual health fund and level of cover. 

We have HICAPS facilities and can process supported health fund claims at the time of treatment payment.

How do I pay?

Charges are settled on the day of appointment. We accept cash and eftpos payments but not American Express, Diners Club. 

We have HICAPS facilities and can process supported health fund claims at the time of treatment payment.